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Our readers are offered a discount on Lorman seminars and courses. Check out their business, management and legal offers at this link to qualify for our discounts. They also offer green business training opportunities. Please visit for a complete listing of courses. Register online or call Lorman at 866-352-9539.

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San Francisco Shares Checklist & Best Practices for Green Cleaning Program

Join this webinar on Jun 25, 2015 at 11:00 AM PDT. [Read more]

Energy Efficiency with Foam Insulation
Energy efficiency is important to protect your home or building both in the heat and cold seasons. [Read more]

EPA Makes Preliminary Determination to Regulate Strontium in Drinking Water
Strontium is used as strontium carbonate in pyrotechnics, in steel production, as a catalyst and as a lead scavenger. [Read more]

Educational Seminars and Live Webinars from Lorman Education, Fall 2014
Quality business education for California and general business improvement. [Read more]

Professional Training for Green and Business Improvement - Spring and Summer 2014
We provide a 25% discount on Lorman Education courses ordered through the following links to the Lorman Education website. We believe that expertise in your field and related supply chain processes is an important part of being green and sustainable. We hope you find these educational seminars helpful. Best wishes on your career development strategies, Carolyn Allen [Read more]

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