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Water Strategies to Preserve Natural Resource Supplies and Quality

Water Strategies to Preserve Natural Resource Supplies and Quality. Resources, ideas and incentives will help us cope with our growing need for reliable water supplies.
Water Use by People and Earth

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Articles About Sustainable Use and Quality of Water in the Workplace

The Importance of Decentralized Wastewater Management in the Twenty-First Century

Managing Black, Brown and Greywater

Carbon Water Filter Purifies water with very inexpensive nanotech tea bag

1,328 New Waterways Are Added to California's Streams that are IMPAIRED.

Students are challenged to solve water use problems in Los Angeles

Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Historic Klamath River Agreements

2010 International Groundwater Conference

Water Science: hydrological and biogeochemical modeling, BREN, Nov 19

Marine Protected Areas for a Healthier Blue Planet

Wastewater management for the rest of us!

From Sludge Water in the Oil Field to Potable Fresh Water

Los Angeles Faces Water Rationing in May 2009

Water Crisis in California Slashes Regional Water Supplies by 85%+

The Big Necessity -- Water and Waste Reuse and Effective Reclamation

Water Management for Reliable Water Service

Sustaiable Fishery Developed at Diamond Lake

Scientific Study of Ground Water Availability

Governors’ West Coast Ocean Action Plan for Sustainable Economic Development

50% of Outdoor Water is Wasted Due to Overwatering, Runoff and Evaporation

Water Conservation Links for California's Drought

Rainwater Harvesting for Changing Water Realities

Tertiary Sewer and Water Reclamation Helps Solve Water Shortages

Water Treatment Plant - State of the Art 2008

How Polluted Is Your Area's Water? Interactive Online Maps of California Pollutants

Statewide California Drought Declared June 4, 2008 by Governor

Municipalities Develop Recycled, Reclaimed and Desalinated Water

Well Water Filter Reduces Arsenic in Drinking Water

USGS finds new Mojave Desert water-storage options to stabalize water supply

Bay Area Water Recycling Bill Signed into Law

Rein in water use - California is in for a very dry summer!

Highest Flood Recorded on Lower Mississippi River Since 1973

Smart Irrigation Controllers Save 25-50% on Landscape Irrigation and Damage from Overwatering

Water Awareness Month in California Brings May Events!

Pacific's Northern California Marine Feeding Grounds Likely to Get Federal Protection

SoCal Residents and Businesses Urged to Reduce Water by 10%

Communities Plan for Safe Drinking Water

Public-Private Partnerships in the U.S. Water & Wastewater Market

EPA Fines Storm Water Violations at Construction Sites

Greywater Solutions for Your Building

Southern California (LA) Named BEST DRINKING WATER of 2008

40% of Oceans Are Significantly Affected by Human Activity Pollutants

Rainwater Solutions Can Create Sustainable Stormwater Management System

Experiment Proposed to Improve Grand Canyon and Colorado River

Invasive Mussel Invades California Fresh Water System...Costs Are Coming.

Santa Monica - Water Quality Case Study

California Water & Rationing Strategy

The Splish-Splash Edge of Waste Water Innovation

California's First Desalination Plant in Carlsbad Passes Permitting Process

Climate Change Could Diminish Drinking Water and Aquifers More than Expected

Drought-tolerant Plantings Required in New Construction - LA County

Water rationing, rate hikes on tap for SoCal - AUG 07

Save Energy by Saving Water

Report: Corporations need a water strategy that goes well beyond tracking inputs and outputs

Delta Water Serves Up 75% of California's Water

Fortune 1000 Not Prepared for Water Shortages

Cut Water Use in California:

Call for Action on Ocean Preserves to Solve the Biodiversity Crisis

Save Water With a Few Simple Conservation Strategies

Tankless Water Heaters Save Energy and Water

Water & Drought in California - Public Education

City Water Wells Require Updating as Infrastructure Ages

WATER! It's Serious -- Drought in SoCal

Regional Water Quality Report 2007

Green infrastructure solutions to water pollution

Florida's Green Lodging Program Provides New Partnering

The West Basin Water Recycling Facility is the Largest

Water Conservation & Technology Grants for Southern California Universities and Community Colleges

SoCal Aquifers

No Rain for SoCal Until September! Extreme Drought Conditions

Water Is Our Next Big Challenge

Ban Bottled Water & Support Local Resources -- the New Mantra of Mayors

Water Recycling, Reduction and Replenishment for Coca-Cola

Desalination Considered to Replenish Aquifers

The Water Resources Development Act Brings Funds to California

May 7--Californa Urges Voluntary Water Conservation

Global water resources website: WaterWebster

Aqua Satellite Celebrates Fifth Anniversary On-Orbit

Marine deaths at California beaches linked to toxin

Southern California Water Supply is Threatened

California Levees Face Massive Corps of Engineers Tree Removal

Emissions and Clean Water Act

Water supply infrastructure

Oceanic microorganisms explode theories of protein potential

Protecting California Against Floods

LA River for Business

Aerosol pollution & precipitation

Water pipes


Beach problems


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