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About Us

Solutions For Green helps business leaders find green solutions for business sustainability

Find green business solutions
Our mission is to connect leaders with solutions that balance profitable productivity, social sustainability and natural systems.

What sets up apart from conventional media companies?

We know green. And sustainable solutions. We speak ROI and payback. Smart and green homes. Clean tech products. Customer communications and values.

Solutions for Green helps entrepreneurs, business managers and prosumers evaluate options that provide high performance at reasonable costs – for both their companies and their communities.

We know the energy efficiency and renewable energy space.

We have insights into business purchasing processes.

We offer superior editorial perspectives on balanced solutions.

We deliver quality information for green career development.

We focus on local, organic growth for productive solutions that benefit individuals and the people they care about; communities and yes, the environment on which we all depend.

Solutions For Green is a regional solutions media company that connects people who buy green solutions with providers of green and sustainable solutions.

We make it easier to work green.

Solutions For Green is a specialized business news and information company. We give visibility to green and high performance companies, public agencies and nonprofit organizations who provide sustainable products and services in California, and across the USA.

Our green communications platform provides outreach, advertising and sponsorship for green and efficient business development that sustains local communities and natural systems.

  • 24/7 News, Links and Feature Stories
    about Green & Sustainable Solutions

  • Online, E-mail and Phone communications

  • Free E-mail Newsletter for outreach

  • Educational Events for business and professional development

  • Marcom Creative for green businesses

Our mission is to provide practical support for people who are greening their businesses. We research, write, design and deliver sustainable marketing communications regionally to the California marketplace.

We highlight smart options for thriving!

Communications and green marketing for sustainable business Our location in California is in the center of globally recognized innovative solutions -- and we attract readers in California, across the US and around the world.

You can support our efforts to keep you and your colleagues informed by sending us tips and stories about your green and sustainable solutions; advertise in our media to strengthen our ability to report quality green solutions; and tell your colleagues about our resource center.

Together we can educate ourselves and our leaders in business, nonprofits and community about smart options for thriving.

What's different about us is that we focus on in-depth information about SMALL and MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (SME). Traditional media doesn't do either of those! If this is your community, work with us to spread the word about green solutions.

  • We support sustainability for communities, businesses and workplaces.
  • We help businesses find green products and services.
  • We maintain a large database of green-related, and green-compliant business niches
  • We provide integrated B2B and B2C outreach services: newsletters, email campaigns and outreach events.
  • Carolyn Allen, our managing editor and publisher, participates in the green jobs infrastructure as a volunteer member of the Industry Intelligence Group of California’s GREEN Workforce Coalition; and as a member of the Green Advisory Board for the California Conservation Corps.

California Green Solutions connects small, medium and large companies with sustainable resources -- largely in the California market. We include businesses, nonprofit organizations and government/public programs in our business community to strengthen community sustainability.

Our "solutions" platform focuses on growing a common sense approach to business -- green operations, facilities and products impact business ROI. We help leaders find those smart choices. We also provide information about compliance to assist businesses...

  • reduce production and operation costs
  • take positive steps to save energy
  • conserve and improve water resources
  • provide quality working conditions for employees
  • turn compliance into a smart competitive advantage
  • find new markets for green products and services
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About OUR Local Community

Due to the heavy urbanization of coastal California, our natural resources of air, water and land (including vegetation and wildlife) are stressed. Many of the point-source pollutants like chemical dumps or smokestacks have now been identified and have been, or are being improved.

The next challenge is the "non-point source" pollutants created by the 20+ million people living and working in our communities. These pollutants are hard to identify or control -- they include urban runoff that kill our streams and the ocean; air pollutants from automobile traffic that creates respiratory problems for our vulnerable neighbors; the heavy (and expensive) use of energy, and the web of inefficient or polluting products that are taken for granted in our daily lives.

When leaders can find effective, efficient solutions to their challenges, they have both the desire and ability to make significant improvements in both their own, and their community's quality of life.

Remember how we rallied to recycle paper and bottles? And how we rally every time there is a community disaster such as a flood? America does it and we do it well -- when there is a practical way to achieve results.

Solutions For Green provides connections to green business processes and products through our programs and publications.

  • We provide articles about potential options and solutions.
  • We maintain a directory of providers of sustainable goods and services.
  • We support business teams -- entrepreneurs, managers and board members -- who need a vision and a pathway to research the new world of sustainability and green compliance challenges.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

Call us if you're committed to sustainable business, and if we can work together to green our workplaces and communities.

We provide cutting-edge information and strategies for our clients and on-going, extensive research into the latest green business trends, information, and case studies that help businesses, nonprofits and public organizations find practical green solutions.

Carolyn Allen,
Publisher, Solutions For Green

Together we work to improve air quality so that 9% of our children and our elderly citizens no longer get asthma and lung cancer from emissions, and so that we all have access to nutritious, pollutant free food. And together, we can reduce water pollutants and inefficiences so that we can have sufficient clean, fresh water to take care of our growing population.

So, if you feel that clean air, water soil affect the quality of our California communities, we invite you to join us in making one important change at a time. Working together we can truly make a positive difference in Southern California's quality of life. The core region covered by includes the Southern California counties of: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Ventura, Imperial, San Bernardino and Riverside. Businesses and resources in our growing database directory include California-wide businesses, government resources, nonprofit information and service providers. We specialize in knowing who is doing what with California natural resources, B-to-B conservation and public outreach.

Solutions For Green publishes the following content-rich websites and related media: California's regional green and sustainable marketing communications platform that connects green product and service providers with regional companies looking for green solutions through on-line news about new green products and services; in-depth solution articles, and an e-mail newsletter about green business solutions in California A green and high performance directory of companies, nonprofit organizations, and government programs that connects green product and service providers with consumers and organizations looking for green solutions.

Sunshine By Design: A robust library of sustainable marketing content for green businesses, nature and environmental nonprofits and social enterprises engaged in pollution prevention, conservation and nature appreciation.

Backyard Nature Center: urban nature appreciation and education about natural resources and healthy communities, with a concentration of California natural resources management and stewardship.

Movie Industry Marketing: indie filmmakers' marketing site that specializes in marketing tips for family, children's and nature/environmental genres

Solutions For Green coordinates solution seminars in the following topic areas:

  • Green Jobs and Green Careers
  • Green(er) Business
  • Product Design
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities in the green industry


Part of sustainability is learning -- and part of learning is separating out what you can do for yourself, and what you need professional help to accomplish. We encourage you to balance both resources for your health and well being.

It is recommended that before you begin to use any product or formula, you research what is best for your life, read directions carefully and test all applications in a safe way. Should you have any legal, compliance, or health care-related questions or concerns, please call or see your personal service providers.

As a provider of information, California Green Solutions does not warrant and shall have no liability for information provided in this Website or newsletters. This information is researched to the best of our ability and is provided for your education and awareness.

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