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Disaster Management Resources - Fire, Flood, Storms, etc.

California fire disaster resources for affected families and their animals

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Fire News Updates

The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection protects the people of California from fires, responds to emergencies, and protects and enhances forest, range, and watershed values providing social, economic, and environmental benefits to rural and urban citizens. For updates on California fires...visit

Fire Fighting Innovation Using Electrical Waves to Suppress Flames

Oil Spill Solution: Impregnated Cotton +

Letter from President Obama re: Gulf Oil Spill 6-5-2010

Nuclear Power Plant's Earthquake Safety Questioned in San Luis Obispo

Wildfire Smoke Regulates Seed Germination

Perspective on SoCal Wildfires - Station Fire, 2009

Southern Californians Urged to Join Largest Earthquake Drill in U.S. History

SMOKE WARNING for Northern California

Southern California Fire Recovery Donations Resources

Drought Update for California Decision Makers: CAP and CCCC

Risk Management of Natural Resources vs. Daily Behavior Causes of Death

USGS Develops Global Friendship with Volcano Early Warning System

Over 70 Fires in Northern California

Protect Yourself from the Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke

Earthquake Disaster Plan Unveiled for Southern California

West Nile found in Orange County in May 2008

San Francisco develops early-warning water contaminant systems

Earthquake (Magnitude-5.2) Shook Southern Illinois on April 18, 2008

Species Migration Disrupted by Warmer Weather Patterns

Rebuild Central Helps Fire Survivors in California

Prepare for Flash Floods and Debris Flows After Wildfires

Lt. Governor Supports Community Fire Recovery Plans

Pre-Seeding the Fires to Prevent Ecological and Property Damage

Malibu Fire November 23-25, 2007

Emergency Preparedness Organizational Tool Helps Manage Chaos in Disaster

California Fires Release Enormous Amounts of Carbon Dioxide

The National Guard -- Fighting Two Fronts At Once

Wireless Digital Photography Plays Key Role in Battling Flames in Southern California

Why Aren't We Better Prepared for Inevitable Disasters?

Teach Your Children Well
Youth Started Wildfire By Playing With Matches

FIREWISE - Firewise Communities Program to Prevent & Survive Wildfires

Nourish America Expands Disaster Relief for California Firefighters, Evacuees and Victims

Ecological Steps to Reduce Future Wildfire Damage

Chaparral, Embers and Fire Prevention Solutions

Los Angeles Firescaping with Cooperative Extension

Fire Safe Landscaping

Recovery After A Fire

Disaster-Proofing Financial and Personal Records

Ignition-resistant construction

AFTERMATH - SoCal Fire News Coverage...and Officialdom

FIRESTORM - Electric Power

CA FIRE RESOURCES- Animal Services List

FIRE - Red Cross Donations

California Wildfires Driven by Santa Ana Winds and Drought

Heat Wave for California - August 29 >

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water

California Governor Directs State Agencies to Help Tahoe Fire Victims

Wildfires in Populated California Communities

California Disasters

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Wildfire Smoke Regulates Seed Germination

SMOKE WARNING for Northern California

AIR QUALITY WARNING - California Fires/Smoke Dangerous!

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