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Metropolitan Water District of SoCal Strengthens Water Conservation - June 2008

DROUGHT: the MWD is encouraging all of its 26 member agencies to adopt drought ordinances and enforce conservation ordinances.

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Local Resources Program Application

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) invites applications for development of water recycling and groundwater recovery projects under the Local Resources Program (LRP). The LRP is open to public and private water utilities within Metropolitan’s service area.
Metropolitan advertises construction contracts to be bid in the Dodge Green Sheet and the L.A. Daily Journal. Contracts over $25,000 must be competitively bid.

In concert with the Governor's statewide drought announcement, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, is moving to tighten its management of dwindling water supplies.

Not only is water going to be scarce, but it is going to get more expensive. Costs are rising as fast, if not faster than electricity rates due to the drought and reduced water availability from the Colorado River and the Delta of central California.

The MWD board earlier in 2008 voted to increase 2009 water rates by 14 percent.

The MWD is encouraging all of its 26 member agencies to adopt drought ordinances and enforce conservation ordinances.

Such measures could include tiered rate structures that promote conservation, restrictions on the hours of outdoor watering, prohibitions on landscape irrigation runoff, hot lines for the public to report inefficient or prohibited water use, and more rebate programs.

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which provides water to 18million people, is expected to adopt a water supply alert resolution at its board meeting June 10, 2008. The MWD pumps water from both the Delta and Colorado River. MWD is a consortium of 26 cities and water districts that provides drinking water to people in parts of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego,

An allocation plan gives member agencies a limited supply of water resources. If the agency exceeds its supply, it could pay up to four times the MWD's highest priced water.

This year, the MWD expects to tap into its water reserves and use a quarter of the 2 million acre-feet it has saved since the 1980s. An acre-foot, which is enough water to supply an average family of four for one year, is equivalent to about 326,000 gallons.

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
700 North Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2944

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