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Trucking APS with Advanced Lithium (LI) Battery Modeules

Auxiliary power system utilizes advanced Lithium (Li)-ion battery modules for the heavy duty transportation industry.

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Advanced Lithium (Li)Battery for Big Rig APUs

Enertek Solutions, Inc., a Portland, Ore.-based research and development company specializing in anti-idling technology, announced its release of the very first commercial auxiliary power system (A.P.S.) utilizing a series of advanced Lithium (Li)-ion battery modules for the heavy duty transportation industry.

Aptly-named the Infini-Gen® A.P.S., the new all-electric system is configurable to the kilowatt (kW) hours needed for the end-user. Using large prismatic cells with built-in controller area network (CAN), Black-box Logistics and an internal thermal control battery management system (BMS), this new product was intentionally designed to be a plug-and-play system. Installation usually takes as little as six hours on a standard Class 8 truck.

Enertek Solutions, Inc. is currently in late-stage negotiations of licensing contracts with several global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for the newest Li-ion battery technology available to the heavy duty transportation industry.

Anti-idling Auxiliary Power Units

The patented Infini-Gen® anti-idling solutions are the next generation in auxiliary power units for long-haul and local delivery trucks.

These systems provide a source of cab heating, cooling and hotel-load power, leveraging advanced battery technology originally developed for the military. Additionally, the all-electric battery systems do not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF), which is especially helpful in light of the newly enforced emissions regulations established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for Class 8 trucks built in 2007 and later.

In May 2008, the co-principals of Enertek Solutions, Inc. completed a 15,000 mile, six-week long national press tour across the nation showcasing their advanced Infini-Gen-Q® hybrid A.P.S. and battery-operated Infini-Gen® Auxiliary Power System.

Created by Paul Baumann and Bruce Wingen with Enertek Solutions, Inc., the patented Infini-Gen® solutions have been specifically designed to supply auxiliary power for all the comforts that daycab or long-haul truck drivers need while using significantly less fuel than an idling truck engine would use.

These auxiliary power units are a “Mobile Comfort System” that provide heat and air conditioning to truck cabs without idling the engine or tapping into other truck systems. All systems by Enertek Solutions, Inc. leverage advanced battery technology involving Li-ion prismatic cells, Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) and LPS64013RC batteries produced by Douglas Batteries in Winston Salem, N.C.

Unlike other energy storage devices currently available, these batteries tend to be more environmentally-friendly and clean, reducing diesel particulate emissions into the air.

Enertek Solutions, Inc.

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