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Build US infrastructure 9%
Reduce taxes on middle class 14%

We have a lot to cover in this issue. Take just a moment to review these sections, then prepare to spend some time with this issue. It's a little longer than usual, but it covers some important topics in this economy:


Many Californians probably share with me a refreshed spirit that comes with the Obama-Biden team entering our White House. Green

It has been extraordinary to watch so many people get engaged in their future by participating in this election cycle. I must admit that I had given up on "elections making a difference", as one commentator reminded us. But this time, the election really is making a difference. Not just in policy. Not just in regulations. But in opening up communications -- yes, I added my input to the administration's request for citizen input (several times!). It felt so good to be asked!

President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address was a sobering look at how much work we have to do. And how much we need to take personal responsibility for becoming more "excellent" at the choices we make and what we do.

We've been trying to do that for several years now through our publishing of, and as some of you know, I've been at it a bit longer than that. I grew up on an organic farm and worked very hard for many years tending the soil and water and our natural systems. But now I pass on to you some editorial selections that might help you on your journey toward a "more perfect union", and more harmony with our natural systems.

Happy New Year to you...and Happy New Day! Let's get back to work :-) !

Carolyn Allen

PS: If you're looking for a job, try PINK SLIP MIXERS in the Los Angeles area. There's a Pink Slip Mixer this evening in Pasadena (Jan. 28th). Edwin Duterte is helping job hunters use traditional face-to-face networking combined with online tools like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to help people look out for one another and find work. Edwin's a friend of mine and a very concerned, networked guy!

Almost Free Training for Your Company Employees

California knows that a well-trained employee base benefits the entire community and state -- as well as companies. That's why they created the Employment Training Panel to help companies afford training needed to meet the competition head on and make their business stronger.

I recently met with Wally Aguilar, who handles the marketing for the Los Angeles division of the Employment Training Panel (ETP). He stressed that training can be flexible to meet a company's immediate needs -- from training to use a new piece of equipment, to marketing and sales. "ETP funding comes from an employment tax that companies have been paying into since 1983," and is funded from that $7 per employee tax you've been paying.  

ETP training is company company driven, meaning the company makes all the decisions: who will be trained, who will do the training (in-house, by a consultant, or training provider) where training will take place (on-site or off-site), what training will be given, etc. 

After an application is made to meet state requirements regarding the quality of the training, the length of employment of the trainees, etc. companies can be reimbursed for virtually all of the training costs, if the project is shows to fit the criteria.

Contact Wally Aguilar in the Los Angeles region, and tell him Carolyn Allen sent you! Or call the state offices of the ETP for contacts in your area.

California's Green Workforce Coalition

Robert Mejia of the South Bay Workforce Investment Board invited me to attend the latest Industrial Intelligence Group meeting in which a group of concerned business and community leaders share tips on how to green jobs, and how to grow new green jobs. If you'd like to learn more about this Green Workforce Coalition, please call me and I'll tell you about the great networking and "intelligence" you can get from being part of this green jobs initiative. Carolyn Allen:

Solar Power Is Thriving During this Lull

Despite the economic conditions, many homeowners are still able to put solar on their rooftops at minimal upfront cost. In speaking with a representative from Akeena Solar (, I was told that "power purchase agreements" are available to finance residential systems using the Sunrunhome financial and maintenance package that only requires a small upfront payment, and delivers both a hedge against future rising electricity prices, and ongoing maintenance of the system. And it combats climate change as a bonus!

Average residential systems deliver 3-9 kilawatts and total value is $22 - 65,000 -- but take off 45% from federal and state rebates. Solar can be quite affordable even during these tight credit times when you use a reliable power purchase agreement (PPA). And you solar array can be installed within seven days from contract date! That sizzles!

Solar energy rebate programs are also available for commercial businesses with both a 30% federal discount and commercial state rebates.

Solar installation jobs are the first green jobs I hear mentioned in discussions about President Obama's stimulus package, and while nothing is final, it's always good to learn what is actually available. The Akeena folks say the solar season heats up in about March for the summer season -- and that jobs are expected to be added, especially in Southern California where SoCal Edison still has a significant amount of rebate money available.

Consultant's Consortium for Los Angeles

Do you want to collaborate with like-minded people who want to showcase their knowledge to small business owners? We are interested in your expertise.

The Consultant’s Consortium will be a collaborative effort between experts who will put on seminars, contribute to a newsletter, network and refer work to one another.

The Consultant’s Consortium is putting together its first meeting in Los Angeles, in mid-February. Our first meeting will be vital to shaping the cooperative to meet our shared needs for business development during these economically invigorating times! Collaborative proposals, contact sharing, co-marketing...we'll discuss what you want and what you have to contribute to a green B2B consulting cooperative.

Mia Moore brings her MBA skills to the green field, and Carolyn Allen brings her publishing platform to help consultants and prospects find one another. What can you bring to the table to make a veritable potluck feast of green consulting benefits for our Los Angeles area business and community organizations?

For more information, please call one of the organizers: Mia Moore at 877-247-7499 or Carolyn Allen at .

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