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Hewlett Packard Launches Energy Star and Eco Solutions Programs

Energy efficiency is a major challenge in server farms, but with new design strategies as much as 40% energy savings can be achieved with computers, servers and printing operations.

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HP Eco Solutions The Eco Solutions program includes new products, services and operations, as well as company-wide environmental goals.

  • HP is doubling the number of HP ProLiant G6 server platforms, delivering more x86 server platforms with top energy efficiency than any other company in the industry.
  • HP has set a new goal to save 1 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity by 2011 through a variety of product design strategies.
  • HP launched the HP Eco Solutions printing practice for large organizations, which now includes the HP Web Jetadmin Eco Solutions Reports and updates to the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator for printing that help customers save money through lower paper and energy usage.

Analysis of some HP managed print services customers’ imaging and printing operations reveals energy savings of between 30 to 80% and reductions in paper consumption in the millions of pages.

HP has expanded the practice to include the HP Web Jetadmin Eco Solutions Reports, Change Management kit and updates to the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator for printing.

HP Server Platforms

HP has increased the number of HP ProLiant G6 server platforms to 22, all featuring additional energy efficiency. G6 features twice the performance at half the power draw of previous generations.

The new servers are 50 percent more energy efficient than products sold in 2005, and two of them are the first servers to be certified under the U.S. EPA's new Energy Star rating for servers, which launched in early 2009.

The new servers manage themselves to optimize power use -- with intelligence built in, the new line can identify low-demand times of day and switch to low-power modes for those times. Oathout estimated an ROI of less than a year for these machines.

Energy Efficient Data Centers

HP is developing two new data centers that includes one in Wynyard, England, that is a retrofitted warehouse using outside air to cool the facility 90% of the time -- which will save the company an estimated 40% over conventional data centers.

A second facility in Tulsa, Okla., includes an innovative, 800,000 gallon chilled-water storage tank that can cool the entire facility for up to eight hours, enabling HP to take the facility off the grid during peak demand.

HP's Eco Label

HP's Eco-highlights label, which launched in May 2008 and now includes 150 products, showcases the environmental attributes of HP printers, PCs, monitors and other products.

HP Web Jetadmin Printing-Fleet Management Software

Hewlett Packard is also developing an update to its Web Jetadmin printing-fleet management software to add an environmental reporting facet to the program. Starting as soon as this summer, HP will include an Eco Solutions report for the Web Jetadmin software, which will allow IT managers to see at a glance how many devices across an entire network have duplex printing capabilities or power-save features -- and, more importantly, which of those printers have these green features enabled.

The scale and potential savings from these endeavors is substantial: HP reports having shipped 25 million Energy Star certified printers in 2008, and customers like 3M and Viacom have used HP's Managed Print Services solutions to save significant money by optimizing their printer fleets: 3M said it saved over $3 million in the first two years of a project that consolidated printers and used the Web Jetadmin to centralize management of the printer fleet.

Skyroom, Telepresence for Everyone

A potentially game-changing technology, telepresence-like systems allow interaction from any workstation, at a fraction of the cost and with many times the potential impact of HP's high-end (and high-cost) Halo telepresence suites.

SkyRoom can enable employees to skip business travel, conducting virtual meetings from their desks and saving companies travel costs and the associated environmental impacts. SkyRoom can also be used for streaming huge amounts of data, whether it's HD video or project models with minor latency."

Sustainable practices to help customers reduce footprint

HP designs products by using fewer materials, making their products easy to disassemble and recycle, and allowing for more effective reuse of materials.

HP strives to create sustainable design practices that also lower the total cost of ownership for customers. For example, by 2011, HP expects to use a total of 100 million pounds of recycled plastic in its printing products (cumulative from 2007). To provide perspective, this is the equivalent of diverting 4 billion plastic water bottles from going to landfill.

The company has already exceeded its 2008 goal to triple the amount of recycled content in its inkjet printer products and double the amount of recycled content used in its inkjet cartridges. To date, HP has sold more than 400 million inkjet cartridges made from its “closed loop” inkjet cartridge recycling process – the industry’s first and only.

HP today announced several additions to its HP Eco Solutions program, including new products, services and operations, as well as company-wide environmental goals.

The expanded portfolio provides consumers, small and medium businesses, and enterprises – including HP – with a clear return on investment through financial savings, as well as a “return on environment” through energy, carbon and waste savings.

“For more than 50 years, HP has been focused on environmental sustainability and now we’re making it even more relevant for customers, especially in today’s economic climate,” said Shane Robison, executive vice president and chief strategy and technology officer, HP. “Through our industry-leading products and solutions we’re helping our customers – from consumers to large corporations – achieve significant dollars savings and improve their environmental performance while enhancing our own operations to achieve the same.”

HP’s strategies add to a growing portfolio that helps customers live and work in a low-carbon economy while remaining cost-effective.

Through its HP Eco Solutions printing practice for large organizations, which includes a portfolio of tools, software, hardware, services and expertise, HP collaborates with customers to help them reduce their environmental impact and save money.

As an example, HP helped Cerritos Library, a high-tech city library in Southern California, reduce energy use by an estimated 30 to 40% and cut ongoing costs by almost 50% due to HP reliability and lower consumables costs.

HP has set a new goal to save 1 billion kWh of electricity by 2011 through a variety of product design strategies. With the amount of energy that HP expects its PCs to save, 90,000 homes could be powered for an entire year.

Overall, HP has reduced the energy consumption of its highest volume desktop and notebook PCs by 41% by since 2005.

In recent independent tests, HP ProCurve switches have been shown to use less power than the industry average for comparable switches. This represents an annual energy cost savings up to 45% versus the industry average for HP ProCurve chassis-based solutions and up to 38% versus the industry average for HP ProCurve fixed-port switches.

With the increasing cost of energy, data centers play a critical role in cutting operational costs and reducing global greenhouse gas emissions for customers.

More information on HP’s Eco Solutions program is available at

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