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GreenLines Newsletter, October 2009

Welcome to the October 2009 edition of the California Green Solutions "GreenLines" newsletter. We appreciate your visit...and hope you will tell us about your green solutions so we can pass the word along! This month's issue is filled with resources to help our readers find green products, green services and green job training...and jobs. Enjoy... and pass it along to someone who wants green options.

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California Green Solutions Newsletter - August 2009
California Green

October, 2009
Welcome ... Connecting You With Green Solutions!

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We have a lot to cover in this issue. Take just a moment to review these sections, and then discover practical solutions for your career and your community:

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Are you as overwhelmed with green information as I am these days? It seems that everyone is publishing a blog about green and sustainablility. Me included.

So what's the antidote with being overwhelmed?

Withdrawal. Or reframe the situation.

Since I'd love to have you visit all the articles and resources I pull together for you, I decided to reframe this newsletter. At least for this issue. If you like it, or have other good ideas to tke a step forward toward a more wholesome life, please let me know.

My "reframed focus"? Storytelling. A bit of fun. Honest concern. Relevancy. And, well... you know me, a couple solutions!

Here's an introduction to the power of storytelling...simply telling a fun story...Free sample here!
Solutions For Green: Add your green company, nonprofit or government program...and tell your story!

Green Job Wizard: We're building the most comprehensive job certification directory on the Web.

Green Jobs & Career Training


We're working on turning our 4,000 pages of content into more organized courses, so I've been studying effective content publishing options and approaches. Storytelling comes up high in the best practices list of ways to convey important information without putting you to sleep.

Did you know that our preferred learning method is listening to a story around a campfire? Well, maybe not a campfire, per se, but in a small group?

Storytelling helps us put things into context. Storytelling carries with it the reputation and connection with a person we like or admire. Storytelling engages all the senses...hearing, sight, imagination, color, even taste and touch can be evoked with story.

Can't you just imagine sitting around a campfire and having a trusted elder tell you about how the earth is our nest, how all the plants and all the creatures are our brothers and sisters and should be treated with the love and respect we hold for our family?

Do you remember some of those stories?

Now, do you remember the stories I told you about in last month's newsletter?

I won't be offended if you remember those family stories more than what you read in a newsletter. Really, I won't. Because I share that love of storytelling.


Developing courses that transfer wisdom and solutions can be enhanced by creating storyboards of the course. And planning into the course questions and activities, and visuals and tools. All those things that we loved as children.

Yes, as children. Children are soooo engaged in learning. Adults try to multitask and pay partial attention to what's going on. I've always wondered why adult books are straight pictures. And then graphic novels came along and they have taken over the world of entertainment. And the Web is like a book with pictures and interactivity and power! We love it! We love engaging with our thoughts and ideas and ability to make things happen.

So, storyboarding will be one of the methods I use to plan our upcoming courses. If you have any ideas along this line, I'd love to hear from you. Your needs and desires, as well as your expertise are important to developing something better than what's currently available for adult learning.

You can go directly to Lorman for a complete listing of courses. Register online or call Lorman at 866-352-9539. Be sure to give Lorman our DISCOUNT CODE to receive our readers' 25% discount.

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Green Biz for Small Biz


I've been a busy little beaver. My fingers have muscles in places a weight lifter would envy!

And yes, beavers are on my mind. And biomimicry. And how they connect.

I visited with a contact in the forestry world and she was telling me that communities are starting to engage beavers to create natural filtration systems for their community water supplies. Beaver ponds allow streams to filter water by reducing water turbulence and letting sediment fall out of the water. Ingenious!

There's an inspiring video on SolutionsForClimateChange
by Paul Hawken that you might enjoy!

Biomimicry has always fascinated me. I remember lying on the bank of a pond watching muskrats and wondering how their fur works. And climbing an apple tree and watching mourning doves parent their babies. And wondering how they know how to care for their little ones. And how snakes move by just wiggling. And how seeds can burst into such huge plants. And...

So I'm exploring the new advances in biomimicry and will be bringing some of those resources to you. Watch our for new articles that will focus on Biomimicry aspects of many solutions.

Check out Aquaculture...a micro-natural system for urban food production! It's a system of vegetables + fish + food exchange for both systems. And the harvest of vegetables and fish are for humans!

Our Solutions Platform

Have you discovered our specialized blogs? has gotten so large (over 3,000 articles) that Google has trouble knowing how to help people find just the right article, so we've been developing specialized blogs for key green solutions. You'll find in-depth solutions in each of the Solutions for LED Lights; and Solutions for Landscaping and Solutions for Green Marketing. And more... check the footer in the blogs and you'll find a link list to all of them.

PS: Send us your stories for these blogs! Send to

Community Exchange

We continue with our mission to give more visibility to companies providing practical green, sustainable and high performance solutions. So we've launched a couple new websites recently that I'd love to have you check out, link to, and share with your friends, family and colleagues. And tell a story about!

Do you have a kind word...?

If you can send me a short comment about how our publications help you I'd love to add your comment and a link to your website on the publication. Your specific testimonials (ie: it helps me find suppliers; it keeps me informed about xxx, etc.) help your fellow readers understand how to use these tools better. Send your kind words to Your kindness is appreciated!

GREEN CAREER CENTRAL Identify your goals. Find opportunities. Create a strategy. Work your plan! Green Career Central can help.

Readers Corner

We appreciate your phone calls and emails. Please continue... put us in your contact list and call. Oh... another note, we're changing our phone number. I'm moving to SKYPE to reduce the number of gadgets cluttering my desk and to pull communications together...and save money.

So our new office number is: 310-736-4770.

If you're not familiar with Skype, you can still call me from any phone, and I answer at my computer. If you have a Skype account, most of your long distance calls are free. You can check out how this Skype VoIP service works here.

Because of the broader scope of our editorial content, we're also changing the name of our company to Solutions For Green. We will maintain all the websites as is...and only our handle changes for legalese purposes.

We appreciate your role in greening the world around us...and your role in making our publishing venture a vehicle of earthy ideas. You have our gratitude and we continue to work for your benefit in any way we can. Let us know if there are things we could do better, or differently to be of greater service ... to your service ... to your communities and ... our exquisite earth!


AIPMM Product Manager Certification
AIPMM Product Management Training & Certification. Develop products better and faster with quality product management skills and processes. AIPMM is the resource for quality manufacturing skills.

Green Job Wizard...Certifications for Productivity!

We've been working hard to find and add "job certifications" to this innovative blog/based directory. We've already added over 100 quality job certifications that can help you sharpen your skills...or find qualified job applicants. Many of these certifications are for green jobs -- we search diligently for green -- but we also include certifications that increase our productivity in earth- and people-sustainable ways.

Here are just a few of the recent certifications that you'll find with overviews about who, what and why they provide job opportunity.

Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS)

National Organization for Competency Assurance

MSC Marine Fisheries Assessment Certification

Agile Certified Product Management

Green Supply Chain Training & Certification

Certifications for Energy Efficiency Ratings with RESNET

Renewable Energy Certifications

GISP Certification for GIS Professionals

Homeownership Education and Counseling Foreclosure Counseling Training Program

Professional Certificates in Affordable Housing

... and there are about a hundred more!

PS: Forgive the funky layout...we'll work on that next...but we wanted our readers to get the important career information "inside" first!

Recent Solutions (like yours!) Added to

Check out the innovative green solutions (stories!) provided by these recent additions to Solutions For Green directory, and then add your own company, organization or program. It's free for a limited time. Just follow the big orange button: Add Your Free Listing... and support your fellow green entrepreneurs by adding pages to this directory...which adds SEO power for you and them! Pass the word!

IPM Botanicals

California Nativescapes

Sunset Coast Container


SunPods, Inc.

Dana Plumbing Inc.

Myriad Greeyn LLC

Berkeley Institute of the Environment

Western Collaboration Assistance Network - WestCAN

Eco Institution

D & R Energy Services, Inc

Parker West International

Three Elements Consulting

Citation Technologies

GreenPoint US

Producers Guild of America

Repurpose Compostables

Baosol Adaptive Consulting

Red Vector Construction Training
Online Design & Construction for Green Building Courses & CEUs. Red Vector is a respected on-line green building and alternative building educator.

Recent Articles on

Los Angeles Small Business Loan Program for Job Creation
Los Angeles small business is encouraged to create new jobs with small business loan packages. [Read more]

Fixture-level Lighting Control System for Daylighting and Energy Savings
Balancing natural light and industrial lighting system control can save energy, especially when retrofitting is simplified. [Read more]

Urban Aquaculture for Edible Gardens & Local Food Production
Local food production will become increasingly important in a carbon constrained economy. Take the transportation and petroleum-based agri chemicals out of the equation, and you get better food, cleaner air, and less global stress. Here's how to make urban agriculture feasible. [Read more]

The Roots of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in California
Fifty years ago, IPM was born in California. In October, 1959 four pioneering University of California scientists outlined a new way of thinking about pest control, establishing a pest management framework that changed the way the world farms. [Read more]

AB 904 Expands Eligibility for Renewable Energy in CIIP
AB 904, sponsored by Imperial County, will expand the list of eligible businesses for the CIIP to include those that are engaged in the commercial production of electricity using solar, wind, biomass, hydropower, or geothermal resources on or after July 1, 2010. [Read more]

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