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Permaculture Restores Nature's Abundance for Food Security

Sustainable natural resources start with sustainable farming because so much of our world is now dedicated to producing food for humans. There is hope...if we get in the swing with nature.

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What a fascinating, hopeful story!

I grew up on a small organic farm in Arkansas, and the introduction to this story struck a cord... yes, farming is a lot of hard, repetitive work, and there are times when you feel like a 'glorified lavatory attendant'!

But food security is about the need for a revolutionary change in agriculture. We have dosed our land with petrochemicals in the forms of fertilizer and herbicides and pesticides and we have in essence, killed the habitat that soil once was...and can be again.

Permaculture is the science of restoring soil and plant colonies and animal colonies to a balance that is self-restorative. It's about working with nature, not against it.

I hope you'll read this story of a wildlife documentary maker who returned to her childhood home on a small England, but so like the farm I grew up on. She brings hope...and sanity to the change in agriculture that is possible on small farms across our country...and around the world.

Yes, our food is dripping with oil...and we need to rectify that weirdness before we deplete the oil supply on which we all depend!

'The dominant demographic trend of the 21st Century is going to be re-ruralisation,' said Richard Heinberg, of the Post Carbon Institute in California. He has advised businesses, industry and governments on how to cope with oil depletion.

'That is not to say that the cities will disappear,' he added, 'but the proportion of people involved directly in food production is going to increase. We will also need a lot more full-time farmers - otherwise what are we going to be eating?'

Just last week, the think-tank Chatham House produced a report saying Britain could face a 'food crisis' unless it revived farms. The report also warned that 'the global system will reach breaking point unless action is taken'.

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Farming without oil

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