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What is California Green Solutions?

This website is a "solutions" trade media publication with more than 3,000 articles about community business-to-business, and business-to-consumer solutions, resources and ideas to help us make our work, homelife and plan more responsible, more healthful and more vibrant.

Edited by Carolyn Allen, "CalGreen" is our flagship publication that brings you new solution articles and news items daily.

Along with articles, we provide tailored advertising to provide high quality content matches through search engine optimization techniques. We hope you will pursue your research for solutions with our affiliate training and communications companies, as well as our advertisers.

This advertising supports our editorial work. We receive no government or philanthropic subsidies. We are an independent business, like most of our readers.

Navigating our sites

We like navigation! So we provide a search box on all our sites to help you tailor your search for solutions. We use Google Search to provide the most refined searches on the Web today.

We also provide extensive category pages that collect our broad solution articles into helpful groupings. You can use the "bread crumbs" that appear on each page right above the headline to find related "categories" of articles.

We also publish a number of specialized blogs that cover specific solutions in more depth -- and you can find those "Solutions For... " blogs listed here.

Looking for specific topics?

We welcome inquires by email and phone. Call us if you have a question about topics you can't find solutions for on our websites, or if you have suggestions. We appreciate your input.

Please put us on your media list. We welcome news releases and notes about the solutions you provide -- whether your organization is a business, public agency or nonprofit. Email your information to

Keeping up to date

We provide a "mostly monthly" :-) email newsletter. We don't overwhelm you with blasts, and occasionally a holiday gets in the way of a monthly newsletter -- but these newsletters bring links to our most recent articles, and highlights of a few stories we think are vital at the time of publication.

Your free subscription shows your support for our editorial work...and provides you with an easy way to reconnect with our practical articles in your busy month!

You're also invited...and encouraged :-) ... to pass the newsletter email along to colleagues to spread the word about these business- and community-boosting solution articles.

What is Solutions For Green?

Solutions For Green is our umbrella publishing company. The website is a green and high performance company directory of... what else ... "solutions". We provide green and high-performance companies and organizations with visibility and a "clean link" that provides them with a search engine boost. It's our way of providing the green industry with a helping hand that helps us all.

The Solutions For Green directory is a broad window into consumer, commercial, industrial and manufacturing, as well as government and nonprofit organizations that provide products and services to help make individuals and groups more sustainable, smarter, and greener.

You are invited to add your green and high-performance listing to Basic listings are free, and expanded listings quite affordable. We provide 600 word expanded listings so that the directory educates as well as provides you with inquiries to enhance your high-performance solutions.


Our premier business publications include:

California Green Solutions: Editorial Solution Articles
Solutions for Green: Directory of Green and High-Performance Companies
Green Job Wizard: Job & Career Certifications Directory

Our premier consumer publications include:

Backyard Nature Center: Family and Home Solutions
Solutions for Remodeling: Practical Green Remodeling
Solutions for Your Healthcare: Practical Prevention and Home Care
Solutions for Senior Health
Solutions for Sustainable Living
Solutions for Soft: :-) A Fun Project for a Soft Touch!
Solutions for Organics: Yummy Food & Clean Soil
... sorry I get carried away with my "favorites". Check them all out at our blog directory


We provide one of the most robust, free, online publication platforms for readers who are learning about practical green solutions for their careers, community and business endeavors.

With more than 4,000 pages of timely, very solutions-focused content, you can find a starting point for most green topics to help with greening facilities, green building, local and organic food production, alternatives in transportation, product design, green healthcare...and much more.

Everything is connected in our world...and green affects "everything". We help you shape a "practical attitude" that starts with green, responsible choices and strategies. And we connect you with potential solutions both in the articles and in related advertisement links alongside each topical article.

We're concerned. Our natural resources are under stress, health is being affected by pollutants, and climate change is already affecting our world. We do what we can to help people who are also concerned find practical solutions to make a difference in their daily work and life choices.

We provide a few select affilate sponsorships that offer training and information services that we believe are quality and helpful in greening our communities. We hope you will check them out for more in-depth sustainability assistance.

We're also putting together some training modules that pull together concentrated information on the green solutions we cover in our publications. Watch for them :-).

Our services are based in our best judgment for best practices... for you and us. We're in this together and bring you our best, so you can deliver YOUR best!

Best regards,
Carolyn Allen
Editorial Director and Publisher

Edited by Carolyn Allen, owner/editor of California Green Solutions
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"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." Goethe

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