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Business & Campus Landscapes, Gardens and Grounds

Sustainable landscaping cleans the air, conserves water, cleans water and restores the soil.

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California is one of the most diverse natural treasures on the planet.. Together we weave sustainable natural resources. Sustainable land systems consist of fertile organic content, freedom from pollution, cover of vegetation to prevent erosion -- all very practical forms of stewardship that we can enjoy and protect.

Overview Articles about Sustainable Landscaping

West Nile Virus is Higher in Low-Income Neighborhoods

Sustainable Sites Initiative for Landscaping Innovation at CNGF/Middlebrook Gardens

Los Angeles Prohibits Urban Farming But Policy is Being Challenged

Landscape Design for Sustainable Urban Environments

Landscaping Irrigation Strategies for Conserving Water Supplies and Quality

Plants and Habitat Strategies for Sustainable Landscaping

Composting the Wilderness In Your Landscape

Back To Natives Restoration in Orange County, CA

Kudzu Vines Actually CONTRIBUTE to Air Pollution

Urban Wildscaping for the Fun and Solutions Of It!

Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission

Doin' The Green Thing - Oakland's TV Outreach Series

Sweet Violets are Edible!

Landscape Rating System to Encourage Sustainable Landscape Design

Worm Composting Turns Green Waste Into Black Gold Soil Amendment

Smart Controllers Save Irrigation Costs, Water and Plants

Sustainable Appllicatons of Concrete for Cool Communities

Save Water and Preserve Fresh Water Quality with these Low-Cost Green Building/Landscaping Solutions

California Resources Agency for Natural Resources Management

Drivable Grass with
Plantable Driveways and Walls

Edible Landscaping for Beauty and Function

California School Garden Advisory Group

Composting for Healthier Estates & Campuses

How to Manage Pests and Reduce Pollution with Integrated Pest Management

Sustainable Golf Courses

Lady Bird Johnson's Legacy at the Wildflower Center in Texas

Greenscape a Floating Island to Expand Habitat and Clean the Water

Arundo and Other Invasive Weeds Destroying Native Habitat

Using Worms to Save Water During Drought

A Peek Inside the World's Largest Biosolids Composting Facility

Botanists Help Identify a New Orchid, the Yosemite Bog-Orchid

Irrigation Best Management Practices

California's Rose Nurseries Test IPM Techniques Successfully

Lady Bird Looked Beyond Beautification to Preservation

Leafblower Exchange Program for SoCal July 2007

SCAG's Open Space and Habitat Action Plan

Save $85 million With Alternatives to Invasive Species

Our Urban Species

Biological diversity in city parks and green spaces can have psychological benefits for humans

Plant Right Initiative by California Horticulture

Small Parks Could Cool Big Cities

Benefits of Native Landscaping for Pepperdine & Caltrans

Sustainable Vine offers Wine Tours of Sustainable Vineyards and Wineries

Agricultural Water Reuse Project Meets Public Objections

Green roof industry grows more than 3 million square feet in 2006

LA River Master Plan Approved by LA City Council

Los Angeles Basin's Ecological Landscaping Options are Diverse

Middlebrook Gardens - Alrie Middlebrook

Alrie Middlebrook

EPA's Greenscape Program Puts Teeth Into Large-Scale Savings & Reclamation

San Joaquin Valley Trade In Incentive for Electric Lawn Mowers - save 64%

Indoor Gardening the Organic Way

Noxious weeds

Green roofs

Free trees

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