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JUNE 2010
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Declaration of Independence Day, 2010

It's time to declare "Independence" from oil, a toxic, climate-changing substance that also destroys habitats, wildlife, and oxygen-producing ocean plankton that replenishes our air supply. As you celebrate the Fourth of July, consider the sources of today's oppression...

Cleaning Birds Soaked by the Gulf Oil Spill

The pelican has become the poster child for the wildlife destruction. Melanie Driscoll of the National Audubon Society explains, "The bird is the symbol. They are visible. They are charismatic." But where you see birds, you also know that a lot of fish, crabs, shrimp, and marine mammals are dying.

Birds that get oiled can die from being too cold, or too hot, because the crude oil interferes with the natural oils that make them waterproof. That means their sensitive skin is exposed to extremes in temperature. Even in the relatively mild Gulf waters, they can "die from hypothermia," said Ken Rosenberg, director of conservation science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. They can also drown. (read more)

Wildlife rescue in the Gulf of Mexico during and after the BP oil spill is an ongoing challenge. Learn more... and help, if you can. [Read more]


Green Reclamation Building and Greener Data Center Strategy | Rackspace

Data centers use a lot of energy to help us access the world without transportation, without paper, and with other digital applications. And data centers are going greener... both with green building in their facilities, and with smarter data center operations. I'm pleased to delve into my own computing service company's green practices and share some of Rackspace's many greener computing, greener business case solutions.

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Transportation Technology Leaps Forward in California with Jobs and CleanTech
Advanced transportation is taking the venture capital, legislative and compliance world by electrified storm. This is the trend to catch. [Read more]

Los Angeles Alternative Energy History...It Matters!
From electric public transportation to wind and solar, Los Angeles was an early pioneer (as in...1900) in the alternative energy industry. [Read more]

Every Job a Greener Job - Strategy for Your Green Team
Do you want to green your workplace? You can. Here's how to build a green team to start with ONE SMALL PROJECT that will lead to bigger and bigger green impacts. [Read more]

CleanTech Venture Capital Funding Conference - San Diego, July 29
CleanTech start-ups are grabbing increased interest and investments from venture capital groups that placed almost $2 billion into eco-friendly companies last year and increased the funding pace with another $773 million during the first quarter of 2010. [Read more]

Centrifuge Can Clean Oil Spills at 500 Gallons/Minute
Cleaning the oil from the Gulf requires BIG first response solutions. Kevin Costner has one... a centrifuge for use at the spill site. [Read more]

"Green business is today's buzz...but putting green to work is still a challenge. Green jobs and green job training are essential for green communities. We bring you practical green information and links to solutions so you can implement best practices. Together we can green our workplaces, communities and homes." Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor and Publisher

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