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Incentives and Transportation Solutions for Emissions Reduction - MSRC

The MSRC grants $14 million in project awards annually to businesses and local governments to improve emissions and particulate levels for Incentives and Transportation Solutions for Emissions Reduction.

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The Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) now has a more pertinent name and URL:

These transportation solutions provide $14 million in project awards annually to businesses and local governments to improve emissions and particulate levels. They focus on a few transportation solutions each year in order to make a measurable impact. 2007 programs focused on

  • Off-road Diesel equipment to clean existing fleets by retrofitting equipment with “verified devices” that reduce particulates
  • Natural Gas vehicles that are favored by AQMD over other alternative fuels for the short term
MSRC encourages any eligible entity to submit proposals, including local governments, other government agencies, private-sector businesses, non-profit organizations and research institutions. Anyone proposing an effective project that meets the solicitation/RFP requirements and is designed to directly benefit the residents and communities within the South Coast Air District may apply for MSRC funding.

Funding for Transportation Solutions

Proposals most likely to be funded are those that offer significant measurable vehicle emission reductions, are cost-effective and have considerable, verified co-funding.

Most of the 2007 programs are only available for applications through May or June, so check the website for current funding opportunities:

Cynthia Ravenstein handles award contracts and the staff of four assists with several groups that include elected officials, a technical advisory committee and an outreach committee. Businesses are encouraged to call the office for helpful advice about applying for funding programs and assistance with questions about contracts .

Off Road Transportation Solutions

Clean Transportation Funding™ is available to manufacturers of Off-Road Diesel Emission Control Systems. This transportation solution, entitled the “Showcase Program”, is designed to encourage manufacturers of qualifying retrofit devices to participate with construction equipment fleet owners in retrofitting their engines with diesel emission control devices to reduce diesel particulate matter (PM) or diesel PM plus oxides of nitrogen (NOx). The goal of this program is to demonstrate new emission control systems that will earn California Air Resources Board (CARB) verified status as well as achieve significant near term emission reductions from off-road construction equipment.

This program is open to transportation solution manufacturers who have previously received verification from either the United States Environmental Protection Agency‘s (U.S. EPA) Voluntary Retrofit Program, CARB’s Verification Procedure, or the Verminderung der Emissionen von Realmaschinen im Tunnelbau (VERT) program. Fulfillment of this requirement may be from a prior on-road or off-road retrofit device verification.

The Off-Road Diesel Retrofit “Showcase” Program is unique in that CARB and the MSRC will endeavor to match manufacturers’ proposed retrofit devices with participating construction equipment fleet operators. CARB has developed a profile of construction equipment sought for participation in the Showcase Program, as described in Section I.F. Retrofit devices with the broadest range of off-road transportation solutions are most desirable for demonstration in the Showcase Program.

Participation in the Showcase requires completion and submital of manufacturer qualifications and a participation application. Templates to assist in application preparation are available.


Clean Transportation Funding (MSRC)
Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee
21865 Copley Drive
Diamond Bar, California 91765
Phone: 909-396-3269
Fax: 909-396-3682

Cynthia Ravenstein
MSRC Contracts Administrator
Phone: 909-396-3269
FAX: 909-396-3682

Ray Gorski
MSRC Technical Advisor
Phone: 909-396-2479
FAX: 909-396-3682


USEPA, ARB, South Coast AQMD, CEC, US Clean Cities Program and Federal Highway Administration funding opportunity links are also available on their website:
Funding opportunities for projects in California and the SW (no current grants listed that address alternative fuels) Grant opportunities list

Information about doing business with DOE, submitting proposals; subscribe to receive e-mail updates about new solicitations

Carl Moyer Program which provides funding for on- & off-road, marine, locomotive, forklift, and airport ground equipment

South Coast AQMD
Various AQMD funding programs. Includes the local administration of the Carl Moyer and Low Emission School Bus Programs, as well as the Air Quality Investment program (Rule 2202) for on-road motor vehicle mitigation, and others

California Energy Commission site to sign up for notification of upcoming RFPs

EERC US Clean Cities Program
Solicitations recently announced by foundations and public agencies Provides links to funding sources and solicitations that are open year-round

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Vehicle Home Refueling Infrastructure Incentive
The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Governing Board approved an incentive program which matches the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) buy down program for the purchase of a compressed natural gas (CNG) home refueling appliance (HRA) manufactured by Fuelmaker. The SCAQMD incentive program matches a $1,000 buy-down by the MSRC for a total of $2,000 buy-down for consumers who reside in the SCAQMD jurisdictional boundaries. Specifically, the incentive buy-down program will apply to the purchase of up to 100 units through Fuelmaker and the lease of up to 300 units through Honda.

Point of Contact:
Dean Saito
Mobile Source Strategies Manager, Technology Advancement Office
South Coast AQMD
Phone (909) 396-3044 or (800) 288-7664
Fax (909) 396-3252

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Taxi Incentive
The San Francisco International Airport, in partnership with the San Francisco Taxicab Commission, allows drivers of CNG taxis a front-of-the-line incentive allowing them one jump and one trip fee waiver per shift.

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