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Prosperity Without Growth - The New Economy for Sustainability

In this explosive book, Tim Jackson - a top sustainability adviser to the UK government - makes a compelling case against continued economic growth in developed nations.

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Tim Jackson's take on our consumption-based economic model is "... people being persuaded to spend money we don't have, on things we don't need, to create impressions that won't last, on people we don't care about."

The Map of the Human Heart ... and Soul

No one denies that development is essential for poorer nations. But in the advanced economies there is mounting evidence that ever-increasing consumption adds little to human happiness and may even impede it. More urgently, it is now clear that the ecosystems that sustain our economies are collapsing under the impacts of rising consumption. Unless we can radically lower the environmental impact of economic activity - and there is no evidence to suggest that we can - we will have to devise a path to prosperity that does not rely on continued growth.

Economic heresy? Or an opportunity to improve the sources of well-being, creativity and lasting prosperity that lie outside the realm of the market?

Tim Jackson provides a credible vision of how human society can flourish - within the ecological limits of a finite planet. Fulfilling this vision is simply the most urgent task of our times.

Ecological Altruism is a New Economy to Invest in the Heart of the Prosperity Model

Reinvesting is transition in low carbon technologies and a meaningful prosperity that helps life flourish - people, plants, wildlife. Family, friendship, commitment, participation in the life of a society ... they all require investment in shared spaces, joy and celebration, sites for the "cultivation of a common citizenship". THis is a shared present and investment in a sustainable future.

Growth where growth really matters, and balance based on redefining prosperity that is more meaningful than endless consumption.

"Ubunto" I am because we are.

New Sustainable Economy Examples

Examples of the new economy in which investment is made back into a sustainable world include, and

The Unified Field Bank works with communities to solve crucial financial, social and environmental issues such as the following components of sustainable communities.

9 Components of Sustainability for a healthy and prosperous local infrastructure:

  • Organic Local Food Systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Affordable, Green Built Housing
  • Water Quality and Availability
  • Resource Recovery (Zero Waste)
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Communication
  • Education and the Arts
  • Wellness

Unified Field Banks' vision is mandated under a charter to invest in sustainable local infrastructure projects.

  • Organic local food production
  • Renewable energy
  • Affordable, green built housing
  • Clean water resource development
  • Non-polluting waste management
  • Health supporting communications systems
  • New transportation and fuel technologies

The goal is to drive sustainable infrastructure of communities forward at an accelerated rate by the power of the bank’s local sustainable investment focus.

The Unified Field Bank's Community Partnership Banking model is based on the following tenets:

  • Transparent Operations
  • Sharing Investment Returns With Depositors
  • Sharing Loan Risk with Borrowers
  • Capitalizing Projects in the 9 Areas of Sustainability
  • Friendly to Sustainable Agricultural Businesses
  • Providing Community Education and Business Support
  • Engaging Communities through our Accelerated Media Platform

The Unified field team, advisors and consultants include teammates, advisors and consultants integral to the development and implementation of Unified Field Bank and Unified Field Media, come on board on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, and are contributing worldclass expertise in all our 9 areas of sustainability, banking, finance and law, as well as interactive strategy, technology, creative, branding, social media and marketing to help design and build the UFB Community Partnership Banking model and system, our operations, architectural design and community planning, user experience, online presence and the overall brand of Unified Field Corporation.

Their solutions approach is embedded in the claim "We are inspired, serious, out of the box thinkers who realize that the best solutions hold value, work within the system, push it to the edge and make it sustainable."

Some of these advisors come from related sustainability arenas such as Judith Sult, publisher of CitiesGoGreen. CitiesGoGreen magazine helps answer the question, “How can cities become sustainable as quickly and efficiently as possible?” The magazine has 6,800 subscribers in over 2,000 communities in the US and Canada. The magazine Board of Advisors come from ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, International City/County Management Association, and a former Director for the Division of Early Warning and Assessment, United Nations Environment Program.

Chris Rusch is Founder of Rusch Law, an international bank formation and tax law firm in San Diego, California.

Gary Liss is a leading strategist, planner and advocate of Zero Waste with GARY LISS AND ASSOCATES and a special zero waste advisor to the GrassRoots Recycling Network, with over 34 years of experience in the solid waste and recycling field. He was a founder and past President of the National Recycling Coalition, was Solid Waste Manager for the City of San Jose, CA, and Executive Director of California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA). In 2005, Gary was recognized for his leadership as CRRA Recycler of the Year, and has worked on more Zero Waste community plans than any other individual in the United States.

A Unified Field Bank in Your Community

The Unified Field Bank is a "concept", a "system" that you can help bring to your community.

People ask where we are going to start our "first bank." We answer that starting one bank won't accomplish sustainability fast enough.

So instead we are starting a bank formation SYSTEM so that we can partner with communities to rollout many banks at the same time all across the country.

UFC will provide the system, tools and support to make it possible for many communities as are willing, to start and own a Unified Field Bank to create their own sustainable and social change.

We welcome you to work with us! Here's how to get started with a Unified Field Bank

Sustainability Solutions

There are many ways to improve sustainability in your home, your workplace and your community. These ideas and suggestions are about developing systems, and being part of sustainable systems. Every situation differs ... but nature can be our guide for "same but different" and help us learn how diverse elements can work together if we have patience, collaborative goals in our heart, and genuine cooperative work in our communities.


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