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Heal the Bay's 17th Annual California Beach Report Card for 2006-2007

Get the beach details beaches: “A” to “F” letter grade to more than 500 beaches throughout California for levels of bacterial pollution and water quality.

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Beach Bummers Water Quality

  1. Long Beach (14 sites)
    Los Angeles County
  2. Castlerock Storm Drain
    Castle Rock Beach
    Los Angeles County
  3. Marie Canyon Storm Drain
    Los Angeles County
  4. Avalon Beach (4 sites)
    Catalina Island
    Los Angeles County
  5. Surfrider Beach
    Los Angeles County
  6. Santa Monica Pier
    Santa Monica
    Los Angeles County
  7. Campbell Cove State Park Beach
    Bodega Bay
    Sonoma County
  8. Venice Beach at Frenchmans Creek
    Half Moon Bay
    San Mateo County
  9. Arroyo Burro Beach at Arroyo Burro Creek
    Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara County
  10. Cabrillo Beach, harborside San Pedro Los Angeles County
Overall, statewide water quality was above average this past season due primarily to record-low rainfall.

Beach Water Quality

Los Angeles County has 7 of the 10 most polluted beaches in California, led by a dramatic drop in water quality in the Long Beach area.

Heal the Bay released its 2006-2007 Annual California Beach Report Card on May 23, 2007, assigning an “A” to “F” letter grade to more than 500 beaches throughout the state based on their levels of bacterial pollution.

Heal the Bay's Annual Beach Report Card is a comprehensive evaluation of California coastal water quality based on daily and weekly samples gathered at beaches from Humboldt County to the Mexican border. A poor grade means beachgoers face a higher risk of contracting illnesses such as stomach flu, ear infections, upper respiratory infections and skin rashes than swimmers at cleaner beaches.

Heal the Bay believes the public has the right to water quality information to help make informed decisions about where to safely swim, surf and enjoy the ocean water. The Beach Report Card is a public service, helping everyone understand which beaches they can visit without fear of getting sick.

Heal the Bay Full Report

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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