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Editorials about green business trends and issues including green jobs and green job training that build green businesses.

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Green Event calendar Green jobs and green job training build green businesses! Carolyn Allen, editor and publisher of California Green Solutions is a lifelong advocate of natural the earth and all our inhabitants are entwined in a fragile ecosystem, "I grew up on an organic farm and my greatest joys were discovering how plants and animals lived in ever-changing harmony. Moving to the city was difficult for me as I saw watersheds ignored and pavement covering habitats that had thrived with wildlife before the bulldozers moved in."

But urban living is now the seat of her work and her philosophy, "Bloom where you are planted. With the world now more urban than rural, it's important that we learn how to create organic communities from natural models."

California Green Solutions is an information platform that tells the story of earth and how we can (and do) thrive in and with it. Carolyn and her community of sustainability advocates and business leaders look for practical solutions to the challenges facing our growing population -- and celebrate the wonder and genius of natural systems. "We have so much to learn from nature's processes."

We hope you find some of that wonder and a diversity in our life's work...and play.

Notes from the California Green Solutions Editor

Professional Training for Green and Business Improvement - Spring and Summer 2014

Holiday Goats

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - Let's educate our citizens for a global tomorrow

Cities are the Problem and the Solution for Sustainability

Sen. Pavley: Fracking Gains More Attention

Good news for California school reform

Thoughts for challenging times...

BP takes $10 billion tax credit... Sign Petition Here!

You have a voice -- buy local. Wow!

Inglewood Cleanup Day April 9 - Come Volunteer!

Inglewood Cleanup Day April 9 - Come Volunteer!

Harmony by the Prince of Wales

Could this be true in America?

California Population Growth Trends for 2011+

Food Desert Solutioins for LA Urban Businesses and Communities

Become Citizens of a Better Future

Merry Christmas!

Green Living - People know how to go green... listen to the new folk wisdom!

Communicating Climate Change Facts, Solutions and Trends Effectively

EPA Seeks Small Businesses Input on Exterior Lead Paint

Favorite Videos for October 2010

Innovative Ideas - Where do they come from?

Sustainable Families -- Music Magic

Natural Systems - How much is enough?

Conservation of Energy...Like Treatment of Cancer

Start Local... Kids know there's a problem!

Explore the Impact of Factory Farms and the Environment with author, Jonathan Foer

Super Heroes Talk Green in Venice Beach... WHAT!... I missed it! ?

The Story of a Simple Life

Inspiring Change Agent Speakers Are Found At EcoSpeakers

Ole! Please, just keep showing up!

Sustainability Ideas for a Congressional Reform Act of 2010

Concerned about Corporations Skewing Our Democracy?

Soldier and Veteran Suicide is... NOT Sustainable

Efficient Solutions for Sustainable Productivity Today!

Elder Care by Government ... or Friends & Family?

Humor Corner

E-Courses for Learning Green Solutions in More Depth

Video Adventures... Just for Fun!

Thank you, Gail Goldberg, City of LA Planning Director

Declaration of Independence Day, 2010

Cleaning Birds Soaked by the Gulf Oil Spill

Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer re: The Financial Collapse and beyond!

Oil Solution: Sustainable Farming

The Machine -- Blessings of Technology or...?

Google Buzz for Carolyn Allen, Senior Editor

Take a TOUR of California Green Solutions

Gulf Oil Spill Resources Links

BP & the Gulf Oil Spill -- AND James Cameron

22 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Participation

Putting Oil Spills Into Perspective

What is Mental, Learning Agility in GREEN?

Q&A: Tell Your Story Here...

Victory Walk Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Thrives on a Family & Friends Strategy

Why Corporations Put Profit Above Smart Social Responsibility... It's the LAW!

Solutions for Our New Reality -- They start with us.

Jobs and Careers That Won't Be Coming Back

Tornado Alley is Hit with 22 Tornadoes in ONE day

Common Sense Business Solutions ~ What's beyond GREEN?

Low Tech Oil Spill Cleanup Options Call by EPA

VOTE TODAY for Environmental Charter High School

Urban Gardening with a Micro Version of Permaculture on a Deck

I've never seen a whale ... will this law change that?

Google Reader has gone SOCIAL

Flash Mob - Love it!

Paper, Electronics and Caring Survival

Los Angeles 2010 Update on Environmental Programs

Brain Studies from TED

Who Inspires You?

Globalization from a Woman's Perspective

Marketing Survey for our BizDev Readers

Your Contract with Earth and Time

Clean Tech Bubble

Warning Signs for America

Nominate Green Chemistry Innovator for EPA Award

Tent City, America

Go Home and Shut Up, Already! :-)




Fiscar Luxury Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle is Launched

Green, All Natural Solution to Clean Your Computer Screen (and windows) :-)

HOT Green Business Ideas

The National Parks ... by Ken Burns
Don't miss this extraordinary series!

VICTORY WALK, INC. - Request for Board Members and Supporters for Physiotherapy Recovery Center

Solutions Start with Problems That Meet Heart and Hard Work

CNMI...Gets $2.9 million in ARRA funding from the EPA


California Banking System - Start a State-Owned Bank!

Communications for CHANGE

Brazil's Model of Sustainable Social and Business Development

Balance the California Budget ... if you can!

Obama's Five New Financial Foundation Policies

Energy Efficiency is the #1 Climate Change Tool

Introducing Our Family of

Burning is Not Renewable. Period.

A Million Shades of Green...and You

Top 10 California Issues in Science and Technology

Made in America...or Globally?

Photography Reveals the Planet's Secrets and Details

Business Trends for 2010

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Investing -- Any time, Any opportunity, Any job!

Plug-In Vehicles Tax Credit in Jeopardy

Creating Green Jobs Survey for You

Self Employed Options for Success and Sustainable Community

Economic Addiction, Withdrawal, and Clean Sustainable Living

Schwarzenegger Hosts Climate Change Summit for 2009 Impact

The Dominant Animal - Human Evolution and the Environment by Paul Ehrlich

Sisters of the Heart

Volunteers Are the Heart of US Democracy in Action

Hot, Flat and Crowded by Tom Friedman

What Is The California Solar Energy Propostion 2008?

Happy Sustainability Day - July 4

Happy New Year 2008!

A Sustainable Family Biography

Current Issues Debates & Think Tanks!

Green Humor...

Survival Strategy for Your Family

Los Angeles Business Environment - Hope for Integrity

Green Collar Environmental Jobs of Earth's Environmental Systems

Letters to the Editor - April

You Make a Difference

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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