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Agriculture & Organic Production, Markets and Sustainable Practices

Green agriculture and organic farming, organic production and sustainable land management, afforestation, water conservation and green land management

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Overview Articles with Resources for Sustainable Agriculture, Trends in Cellulosic and Renewable Products and Food

Beneficial Organisms

Rural grants for energy audits and renewable energy development assistance

Fun Intro to Aquaponics (Plants + Fish) Urban Agriculture

Worms as Livestock in Aquaponic Greenhouse System

Cleaner Cotton Video Highlights California's Basic Cotton Breakthrough

Urban Farming in LA

California is Important Crop Seed Supplier Globally

Green Materials Composting is an Urban to Ag Solutions from Agromin

Solutions for Today's Agri Education

Drought + Poor Practices = Dust Bowl

Earthworms Suppress Plant Diseases & Support Quality Food Production

Sustainable Agriculture

Production Cost Studies for agricultural and food commodities

Honey Bees Productivity Suffers from Heat

GreenMatch EX Herbicide for Organic Agriculture from Marrone Organic Innovations

Pollution of rivers, lakes, and aquifers in OECD countries

Gulf Sustainability Depends of Upstream Sustainable Agriculture

No-tillage farming impacts carbon sequestration

Factory Farms Should be Revamped -- says Pew Commission

Green Fisheries and Marine Stewardship Council

Imperial County and Mexicali Growers Give EPA 37,000 Pounds of Harmful Pesticides - March 26-27

Citrus Thrip Solution for Blueberries

Central Coast Vineyard Team for Sustainable Vineyards

Groundwater Studies Measure Aquifers Contaminants Under San Joaquin Dairies

Water Shortage Hits SoCal Agriculture With Drastic Cutbacks

Cost and Return studies Help Farmers Make Good Decisions

Better Wines, More Vines...But Who Sells to Whom?

The Organic Timeline Story

Organic Cotton Acreage Increases in 2007-2008

Environmental Benefits of Conservation on Cropland

Seedless Persimmons Sweeten the Fall in SoCal

EPA Expands Opportunities for Minor Crop Producers: Crop Groupings

Onland Fisheries - A Green Ocean Alternative

Onland Fisheries - A Green Ocean Alternative

Agriculture, Water and Energy -- California's Three-Legged Stool

The ROI of Organic Food and Agriculture

High Rise Farms and Vertical Urban Agriculture

Creative Agricultural Solar Installations

Save Citrus Farming in Orange County -- Save Green & Tasty

Rethinking the True and Imagined Costs of Organic Food

Farming nutrients drive parasitic infections that in turn cause frog deformity.

Pesticide Testing Overhaul by EPA

Fetzer Vineyards Recognized For Sustainable, Earth-Friendly Practices

Sustainable Conservation Encourages the Adoption of Sustainable Farming Practices

New Logic Treats Anaerobically Digested Hog Manure to Make Bio-methanation

China's Organic Food Movement

Organic Certifiers Association

Urban and Periurban Agriculture...what?

Sustainable Farming is Certifiable...and Growing

Pistachios Certified Organic in Santa Barbara

Organically Certified Biodegradable Mulch Mat Made from Waste Paper as Alternative to Plastic

Value-added Agriculture Grants for Organic and Bio-based products

Permaculture workshops in Southern California - Spring-Summer 2007

New Agriculture

Sustainable Food Sources

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