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Window Tinting Saves AC & Heat for 2 Year Payback

Window tinting saves utility costs by insulating the largest energy surface -- windows

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Window Energy Conservation

Glass windows and doors represent the most critical area of heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. To offset the solar heat passing through windows, the U.S. consumes the energy equivalent of millions of barrels of oil every day.

Reflective and nonreflective solar control commercial window film can reject up to 78% of the sun's energy in the summer to substantially reduce air-conditioning load, while "insulating" the windows in the winter months to reduce heating costs.

Best Window Tinting, Inc., based in Tustin, CA can run an energy analysis on a building that takes into account the type of glass, age of building, square feet, thermostat setting, cost per kilowatt hour, cost per therm, exposure of a building, window setback, type of HVAC system, the occupancy level, etc. They compare high-heat rejecting films with low shading coefficients to calculate current use and energy savings, and give the price to install window tinting.

Window Tinting Qualifies For Utility Rebates

Utility companies (SoCal Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, PG&E) are rebating $1.35 per square foot for window tinting. A large building could qualify for approximately HALF of the building tinting cost. In many cases payback can be less than 2 years -- factoring in energy savings and rebates.

An investment in
high heat rejecting window film
can show a utility savings
payback in as little as 2 years.

According to Best Window Tinting president, Harry Nelson, "Window tinting provides a building with an aesthetically pleasing and consistant appearance at the same time it provides energy savings and security benefits."

Office and Warehouse Security

  • Hide factory interiors and warehoused stock from public scrutiny.
  • Hide employee desks and computer wiring while providing tenants a comfortable and cheerful environment, glare reduction, and U.V. protection.
  • Instead of replacing expensive plate glass doors, windows or mirrors that have been "tagged" by vandals, save money and protect your building's appearance with BEST Window Tinting's inexpensive, non-detectable anti-graffiti films.

Window tinting consists of layers of polyester film bonded by a special adhesive that can be removed easily and replaced without damage to the surface underneath.

Best Window Tinting, Inc.
Tustin, CA

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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