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Fuels & Renewable Energy

SECTION - Fuels are major players in Greenhouse gases and emission challenges in California

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Articles about Green and Sustainable Business Practices by Employing Alternative Fuels & Renewable Energy

New Fuel Markets are Shaped by DOE

MicroCHP (combined heat and power) Fuel Cells for Homes and Businesses

Waste Conversion Energy Programs in Solid Waste

Enhanced Geothermal Systems Investment by Google

Conversion of Your Vehicle for Fuel Alternatives

San Francisco to Convert Grease-to-Biodiesel from Brown Grease

Natural Gas to Liquid Fuel to Reduce Diesel Emissions

Trucks Save Money and Waste With HEPO ByPass Filters

California Biofuel Stations Grow Slowly for Consumer Access

Safeway and Corporate Express Convert Truck Fleet To Blue Sun Biodiesel B20

Hornblower Cruises Teams with New Leaf Biofuel and General Petroleum to use Biodiesel

California Finds That Ethanol Content Increases and So Does Emissions

Microbial Fuel Cells - High School Science Curriculum

Termite Enzymes Turn Wood into Biofuel

Retread Tires Can Be Green

Chevron and NLER Partner to Research Algae for Fuels

The Entertainment Business Case for Biodiesel: Standard Bio Diesel

Hydrogen Fuel from Salt Water?

Assembly Bill 118 Supports Development of Alternative Fuels

Ethanol E-85 is Illinois and Ford Motor Alternative Fuel Strategy

Auto Paint Fumes Is Converted into Fuel Cell Energy by Ford Motor Corp.

Willie Nelson on Biodiesel

Etorus Fuel Consumption Reduction for Heavy Diesel Users

GM Battery Deal Moves Electric Car Ahead

Toyota delays release of hybrids with lithium-ion batteries

Low Carbon Fuel Standard Report - 2007

Nine Markets for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

California LOW-CARBON FUEL STANDARD Coming 2008

Biofuel Oasis Is Berkeley Employee Owned, Woman Owned Biodiesel Cooperative

Biodiesel in Southern California - Who, What, Where

Plug-in Hybrids Study

Tesla Motors Receives R&D Grant to Develop Public Charging Station

DCT High-performance power Plant for Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids

EERE Transportation Updates

Biodiesel for Trucking

2008 will be a great year for DIESEL

Tyson & ConocoPhillips - Renewable Fuels Creates Strange Bedfellows

American Biofuels Council Advances Use of Alternative Fuels, etc

Mix 'n Match Alternative Fuel Options

CNG Fuel Availability in California-Clean Energy

Biodiesel -- The History of Diesel

Biodiesel From Algae -- Alternative to Food Crops

West Coast Collaborative to Reduce Diesel Emissions

Cellulosic Ethanol Plants receive $385 Million in Federal Funding

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New Fuel Markets are Shaped by DOE

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