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Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative energy choices sustain clean air, water and land. News and resources to help business meet compliance, find incentives, and implement smart solutions.

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Overview Articles with Resources

Energy Generation Uses
Natural Resources

Will the Clean Energy Boom Generate TOO MUCH Energy?

Womens Energy Matters organizes energy and energy efficiency strategies

Microturbines for Energy Management Solutions - Capstone

High Efficiency Fuel Cell Technology Promises 80% Efficiency

Open Energy Information Website Makes DOE Resources Available

University of Southern California-Energy Institute Focuses on Renewable Energy

The Renewables and Efficiency Deployment Initiative (Climate REDI) goes Global

Renewable Distributed Energy Collaborative (Re-DEC) Kick-off December 9, San Francisco

DOE Loan Guarantees through FIPP

Live Well Anywhere - Power with Nature

Carbon Capture as Energy Solution

DOE-NETL Carbon Capture and Storage Database

California Executive Order Requires 33% Renewable Energy by 2020

$3 Billion in Recovery Act Funds for Renewable Energy Projects

Pee-Power for Hydrogen Power

Algae Grows Biofuel in Imperial Valley California

How to Save Money with Energy Efficiency

Useful Energy Efficiency Links For Residential Construction

Peak Oil and Energy Investment - ROI

Smart Grid and Demand Response Electricity

Google and GE Collaborate on Smart Grid for US Energy Distribution

Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Job Creation in California - REPORT

LED Lighting

Wind Power for Alternative Energy Sourcing

Geothermal and Water Alternative Energy Sources

Community Environmental Council and Area Leaders Prepare for Peak Oil

Energy Savings in Commercial Buildings with Energy Star Strategies

Wireless Sensors for HVAC Energy Savings by Energy Eye

The Energy-Water Nexus & Renewable Energy

UC Santa Cruz Students Underwrite Green Energy for Their Campus

Leading Utility Green Power Programs

Loan Guarantee Solicitations to Commercialize Green Energy Technologies

ISO Project Committee to Development Energy Management Standard

Carbon Negative with Agrichar, Step Beyond Carbon Neutral

Financial Opportunities for Renewable Energy - from DOE

Salt Power in Estuaries Capture Energy Released from Fresh/Salt Water Mixing

Nuclear Energy and the Battle for National Security and Energy Independence

Design Guide for Energy-Efficient Research Laboratories

Edison's DC Power Generation Sparks New Interest for Savings

Fuel Cells Provide Power for Retail Store

Fuel Cell Power Plant DFC Applications in California

Enterprise Energy Management Systems Reduce HVAC Energy Use and Costs -- iMonitor Energy

Energy Conservation Habits for Home and Office


Biofuels Limit Carbon Reduction, Studies Find

Sunrise Powerlink in San Diego Is a Mixed Solution

2007 Federal Energy Legislation Analysis by ACE3

Monitoring Tools Help Cut Home Energy Use, Study Finds

Small Business Energy Savings Loans from Energy Star

Wave Energy Takes the Plunge with PG&E

Corporate Data Center Energy Solutions

Move Over Cheap and plentiful coal -- You're getting Googleized

Peak Power Reduction with Smart Appliances

Carbon Emissions from Regional Power Plants - CARMA

Microbes Churn Out Hydrogen at Record Rate

GE Eco-Dashboard to Save Energy

Electric Transmission Lines Needed to Relieve Transmission Congestion in SoCal

External Power Supplies to Use Less Electricity

The energy business is now a data business

Safeway's Energy Reduction Case Study

U.S. DOE and China Agree to Increase Industrial Energy Efficiency


Energy Savings Company Survey Shows Growth Opportunities, Again

Fuels & Renewable Energy

Green Technology Institute helps US-based green, clean and environmental companies to explore and invest in India's growing economy

San Francisco Launches First-of-Its-Kind Solar Map

Building Energy Codes Program & Tools

Electronic Gadgets Improve Energy Ratings

Advanced metering can help small business cut carbon emissions

Computer Companies Form Climate Savers Computing Initiative to Reduce Energy Consumption

Save 10-15% on Natural Gas with Flue Gas Condensers

Low-cost Ways to Save On Air Conditioner and Stay Cool

Window Tinting Saves AC & Heat for 2 Year Payback

Energy Saving Program for School Districts

Solar Energy

Renewable Energy - 20% by 2020

PG&E Program Helps Customers Offset Emissions

Guarantee Energy Savings for the State
Apply before June 29

California ranks in the top 3 most energy efficient states in 2006

Energy Conservation Is STILL the Solution - ESC Tools Help

Low-income Energy Efficiency in California

Sacramento Strives To Exceed State Requirements by 50 Percent

Labs Reduce Energy Consumption with Labs21 Through the EPA

GreenMountain Engineering Develops Remote Power Device

Safeway Wins California's Flex Your Power Award

EnerTech and HDR Begin Construction of the First Full-Scale SlurryCarb Facility in Rialto, CA

Energy Transmission Bottlenecks

Commercial Food Service Seminars, Rebates and Test Kitchen at SoCal Gas Company

Best Practices to Save Energy Costs

Energy Inspectors

3 Phases Energy

Green Power Sources

2007 Climate Action Plan

Alternative energy

SoCal Edison Program Incentives

Biofule Poplar Trees

Alternative Energy

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Energy Generation Uses
Natural Resources | Water

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