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Solar LED Lights for Safety, Architectural & Landscape Lighting from Solar Cynergy

From enhancing the decor of a backyard and illuminating walkways to providing hazard and safety lighting to parks, schools, dangerous intersections or crosswalks, Solar Cynergy offers facilities and communities solar LED environmental lights, an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional wired lighting.

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building with cement and carbon footprint reduction Solar Cynergy's theme is "Bringing Japanese innovation to the lighting industry."

John Huang, Corona, CA based sales and marketing manager explains that Solar Cynergy has married the sustainable contributions of Japan and the US. "As a Berkeley alum, I'm extremely interested in sustainable design and products and am hoping to educate the general public on the strides and advances in solar lighting technology."

Solar Cynergy introduced a family of solar LED lighting technology for residential, commercial and city applications in May at the 2007 Lightfair International Trade Show & Conference. One patented advantage offered by Solar Cynergy is that the solar collection panels are removed from view.

Solar Cynergy is a unique solar LED light utilizing patent protected condenser technology in place of traditional batteries to provide the user with brighter and more colorful illuminations with an industrial strength stand alone unit. Off-grid. Affordable cost. Long life. "Solar LED lighting has really improved in the past few years," he notes," pricing is continuing to fall, more colors are available, and the quality has improved so that new products can last as long as 25 years."

Solar Cynergy on-ground lights are strong enough to withstand even a tank driving over it! building with cement and carbon footprint reduction building with cement and carbon footprint reduction

Application & Use of Solar LED Lights

From enhancing the decor of a backyard and illuminating walkways to providing hazard and safety lighting to parks, schools, dangerous intersections or crosswalks, Solar Cynergy offers facilities and communities an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional wired lighting.

Embedded into the ground, each solar LED unit is self contained, free from complicated wiring, and provides a colorful luminescent glow that is resistant to the elements, charges even on cloudy days, and industrial models can provide 15 hours of output (residential models: 8-10 hours) on an average 8-12 hour charge. That's two nights of light for a typical day's charge.

Innovative Design of Solar LED Environmental Lighting

  • The Solar Cynergy RSC series is made of a polycarbonate resin and utilizes two double layered condensers, allowing for explicit illumination and eliminating the hassle of switching batteries.
  • Using solar energy, the light automatically charges during the day (on 12,000 lumens -- about equal to a cloudy day or a hazy late afternoon -- and automatically turns on as the sun sets.
  • Lighting choices are available in blue, green, white, halogen white and red.
  • 10 MW LEDs provide non-invasive lighting with a glow that isn't strong enough to contribute to light pollution of the night skies.
  • For more industrial applications, the CSL series offers cities with high grade flashing solutions that are ideal as hazard or safety precautions on streets, or along sidewalks.
building with cement and carbon footprint reduction

Sourcing Solar LED Lights

All Solar Cynergy products are manufactured in Japan. When asked about the cost-effectiveness and environmental aspects of manufacturing these LED lights in Japan, John Huang at Solar Cynergy in Cornoa, CA, replied, "while we do manufacture overseas in Japan (for technology and efficiency reasons), we ship units over in large quantities by sea and keep inventories in our Corona warehouse. Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount of technology within each unit and manufacturing in the US would drive up cost and make our technology less accessible to consumers."

Spawned from a parent company with over 30 years of industry experience, Solar Cynergy concentrates on cost-effective advances in solar technology and is rooted both in the United States and Japan. Solar Cynergy fuses design and innovation with conservation and sustainability. "Our line of solar LED models has a lifetime expectancy of 25+ years which we stand by with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. Avoiding the cost of running conduit or wires and the added flexibility of placing accent lighting away from any grids, we feel you would break even within the year. However it depends on a case by case analysis depending on how much current exterior/accent lighting you currently use, etc.

"We work with a number of professional installers that we outsource business to," says Huang. Two of the California sources for leading-edge lighting sources to comply with LEED and California Preferable Products are Southern California Illumination (Los Angeles) and O'Connor Sales (San Diego).

Solar Cynergy CONTACT:
Solar Cynergy
1251 Pomona Rd. Suite 108
Corona CA 92882

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